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Sweet Shops

Add even more fun to your party with our party sweet shops designed to fit in with your chosen party theme. The Sweet Shop hire costs £2 per child when hiring a party pack and the children get to keep the themed bags and sweets.

Harry Potter Honeydukes Sweet Shop

Add the wow factor to your Harry Potter party with a vist to Honeydukes Sweet Shop for all your guests.

Sweets include Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Liquorice Wands, Spindle's Spiders and more.

Willy Wonka

Sweet Shop

Your Roald Dahl party will be a huge hit with  the add-on of the Willy Wonka Sweet Shop,  with optional Wonka bars!

Other sweets include Luminous Lollies, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Candy Canes and Golden Eggs.

What You Get

Sweet Bags

A traditional sweet bag for each of your guests to fill with sweets and take home. These will be decorated with a sticker in the theme of your sweet shop.

Sweet Jars

Your sweets will be displayed in Victorian style plastic sweet jars in various sizes.

Sweet Labels

Each of the jars will be labelled with our exclusive sweet jar labels to give an authentic look to your sweet table.


To complete the look of your sweet shop we will provide a pink tablecloth, bunting and sign.

Sweet Shop

The centrepiece for your candy table can be our miniature sweet shop with scales and display stands.


Let's not forget the most important part! Your jars will be filled with themed sweets for your guests to take home.

All the elements of the Sweet Shops are also available to buy. Please get in touch for further details.
Although the Honeydukes Sweet Shop and Wonka Sweet Shop are the most popular, the Sweet Shops are available in all the themes for just £2 per child when booking a party hire package.