Star Wars Party

From a galaxy far far away came an amazing story of the battle between good and evil. Now your Star Wars fans can be immersed in their own epic adventure with our Star Wars party package!


The games will take them on a journey of fun, battles and teamwork – where they will train to be a Jedi Warrior. Will the force be strong enough for them to defeat the Dark Forces and receive their Jedi Warrior certificate?


With our complete Star Wars birthday party kit you will have everything you need to create your own unforgettable memories. And add our Star Wars party bags, tableware and personalised Star Wars invitations for a complete party service.

What You Get


Transform your party space with our range of Star Wars party decorations.

Includes bunting, balloons, banners & Jedi Training Academy wall poster.


Your Jedis will each have a cool Star Wars character cape & mask to wear.


Plus an inflatable light saber each with the option for you to purchase and keep at the end of the party.


Your pack will be full of Star Wars party ideas to create your own Star Wars Jedi Training Academy - with help from a talking Yoda! Plus Star Wars mats & skittles, obstacles,nerf guns and more!


Your Star Wars birthday party will take the form of Jedi Training with Skills Cards for your guests to complete and keep.

Games will include light saber training and Wookie's Cookies!

Party Plan

Your Star Wars party pack will contain a detailed plan explaining how to set up and run the activities.


Plus the ultimate weapon - an adult Darth Vader costume to make sure everyone listens to you!


At the end of the party your guests will be awarded with a personalised Jedi certificate.


An out of this world party!

Add On a Deluxe Package

for Just £45


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