Roald Dahl Party

Inspired by one of the greatest storytellers comes one of our greatest party packages!


Once your children have discovered the joys of the Roald Dahl books they'll delight in a Roald Dahl birthday party which allows them to laugh at The Twits, enter the dream world of The BFG, race James and his friends into the Giant Peach, escape from the Witch and help Fantastic Mr Fox escape the farmers.


They'll also get to make George's Marvellous Medicine and enter Charlie's magical world with a sweet factory race and a visit to your own Chocolate Factory.


Also available are Roald Dahl party bags, invitations and tableware. With this unique party package you're sure to create lasting memories for you and your child.

What You Get


Create a colourful backdrop for your Roald Dahl party themed bunting and bright balloons.

Plus candy decorations in the style of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!


We will provide a headband set of BFG ears for each child to wear. What a great photo opportunity!


A lucky grown up will also get the chance to dress up as Mr Twit.


Many of the props in the Roald Dahl themed party are handmade and exclusive to this package including dream jars, tunnel maps, Wonka sweets, a witch puppet, a cauldron with potion ingredients and more.


The Roald Dahl party games include Create A Dream, Great Sweet Race and Matilda's Magic Wand.


George's Marvellous Medicine is a highlight, with the creation of a bubbling, fizzing potion!

Party Plan

Your Roald Dahl party plan will detail how to set up and run the activities.


You will also be provided with a passage from the relevant book to read to the children before each game to set the scene.


Congratulate your guests with a gloriumptious certificate for all their efforts.


What a phizz-whizzing party!

Add On a Deluxe Package

for Just £45


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