Princess Party

Bring those Princess dreams alive with this exciting party adventure.


Our Princess party pack takes you on a journey with Princess Bluebell to Fairytale Land - across the Bubbling Sea, past the Dragon's Cave in Wishy Washy Wood where they must disguise themselves to trick the witch and find the Treasure.


On the way your must learn how to act and dress like a Princess, solve puzzles and make your own magical spell. Have you got what it takes to be awarded a Fairy Princess certificate?


Also enquire about our Princess & Pirate Party if you have a mix of boys and girls together.

What You Get


Create a beautiful party setting with our Princess party decorations including bunting, balloons and wall scene setter.


There is a tiara & wand for the little Princesses to wear plus nail art, face sparkles and plastic jewellery to complete the dressing up fun!


Your pack will be brimming with great Princess party ideas and props including puppets, bubble machine, a bag of disguises, dragon eggs, a magical cauldron and more.


Our Princess & Witch puppets and rhyme cards will help you lead the games which include Dragon Egg Rescue & Musical Islands. Plus card crowns are provided to decorate and keep.

Party Plan

You'll be given full instructions explaining how to set up and play the Princess games. Plus a running time to help you plan the party and inventory to help with packing up.


When the fun is over the children will be presented with their Princess certificates.


Take a royal bow!

Add On a Deluxe Package

for Just £45


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