Our children’s party hire packages provide you with all you need to host your own unique, affordable party – all delivered to your door.

Our Packages

Delivery and return of the party package via courier is included in the price to most of mainland UK.
Please see Terms for exclusions .
The party hire box will be delivered 2 days before your party date and collected on the next working day after the party

Standard £125

Up to 12 children | £4 for each additional child

What you get…
Party Plan
Skills Cards
Story Plan

Deluxe £180

Up to 12 children | £8 for each additional child

What you get…

The full Standard package plus…

Personalised Invitations
Filled Party Bags

Add a Sweet Shop

Extra £3.00 per child

Add an extra wow factor to your party by adding on a Sweet Shop. This will include tablecloth, mini sweet stand, themed sweet bags, sign and bunting. Plus traditional sweet jars with labels and sweets in the theme of your party.

We are eco friendly !

​For many, being kind to the planet still needs to be practical and fit in with our busy lives so why not save waste and money by hiring a party package containing high quality, reusable items?

Why not hire your tableware too

​All our themes come with an option to buy recyclable tableware but we also support the Party Kit Network which offers tableware hire. Have a more sustainable party by borrowing eco-friendly reusable tableware from your local supplier. Find your local party kit here.


“We enjoyed a fantastic Lego themed party for our 6 year old. The resources were brilliant and the plan to execute the activities was incredibly detailed to allow for an incredibly successful and unique party. Great value for money, promoting forward thinking sustainable practice for parties and allowing for a very simple and easy party led by yourself, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience too.”

Gemma, Fareham January 2024

“We were really impressed with the range of decorations and resources for each game. We enjoyed all of the games, particularly the candle and cauldron. I think pricing is perfect and would definitely hire again.”

Shelley, Enfield January 2024

“The party pack we received was fantastic, with so many great little surprises, and lots of decorations to transform our home. The instructions and party plan was easy to use and the games were a real hit with the kids. Liz was fantastic - so helpful and organised. Highly recommend.”

Tom, Surbiton January 2024

“We've had a great time celebrating with your party box. We would definitely have a Packaway Party again! I have recommended your services to a lot of people already.”

Jo, Otley January 2024

“The party was amazing, thank you so much! The children had a great time! The feedback from the children and parents was amazing and would definitely get a box again. I thought the value for money was fab.”

Amy, Bury January 2024

“It went so well, thank you! We've just had feedback from the parents and all of the girls have said it's the best party they've ever been to! It had everything and more that we could ask for to decorate and host a very memorable party. I've already recommended it so others know that it is affordable and worth the lack of stress.”

Stephanie, Abinger Hammer January 2024

“The party was very well received by the kids, they were enchanted and times ran well. The props were great fun and Honeydukes was a huge hit. I thought the price was pretty reasonable, the courier was very easy and it was so lovely to be able to pack away the stuff after.”

Vicky, London January 2024

“My son said, 'It's amazing, Mummy, isn't it, how much fun you can fit into a small boring-looking box!?"”

Johanna, North Fambridge January 2024

“Overall we were really impressed with the package contents and the sheer amount you manage to fit into that crate!! So many decorations which transformed our house! Lots of nice little touches decor wise and we got lots of lovely comments from kids and parents alike. The party plan was concise and easy to follow. I felt the pricing was great as all we needed was food and cake and at £10 per child overall we felt it was a bargain. Super easy to have it couriered and collected as well which was an added bonus!”

Claire, Royston January 2024

“Great Harry Potter themed box with lots of games and decorations. We were really impressed with the box and how easy it was to use and follow. The party plan was foolproof and everything went perfectly on the day. I also thought it was great value for money and I loved the sustainable aspect. We had a very happy 9 year old after the party, and two very tired parents”

Clare, Warrington January 2024

“The party went VERY well. All the youngsters really engaged with the costumes and enjoyed the structured "challenge" format. Your whole guide book was very helpful (including timings), and we appreciated your explanations along the way. We’re very pleased to have found you”

EH, Tewkesbury December 2023

“We had a great time, thanks! We were really impressed with the package contents, it was great to have so many decorations to put up and it really made the party room feel special. I would definitely hire again and have already recommended to others.”

Ruth, Edinburgh December 2023

“The kids had a fantastic time, and the itinerary made it super easy. All the decorations that were included were beautiful and really spruced up the village hall. Overall a great success. I also liked the ease of the delivery and collection.”

Louise, Banbury December 2023

“The party went great. My daughter and her friends had a fabulous time!”

Luz, Sheffield December 2023

“I was extremely pleased with the contents of the box. I cannot fault anything in the box, there is nothing I would add or takeaway, the service you provided was outstanding!!!! I would definitely recommend packaway parties and I would most definitely use you again. Extremely good value for money. One of the mums has since told me that her child said it was the best party he had ever been to!! Thanks again for a perfect party.”

Lynne, Heywood December 2023

“The Packaway Party was great thanks - kids had a fab time, great resources, timings were good and saved us so much planning time. Would definitely consider again. Also love that things can be reused from a sustainability perspective.”

Debbie, Guildford December 2023

“We had such a great party, thank you! The decorations were fab and my daughter was delighted :)”

Alexa, Thornton Heath December 2023

“A fantastic party package that provided tons of fun for everyone. It definitely helped make the party a more memorable experience. Would highly recommend!”

Tessie, Hatfield November 2023

“We had a lovely time thank you. Overall we really liked the kit and the Packaway concept. It saved us gathering and planning stuff and we'd never have thought of everything you had. Everything was organised, everything we needed was there and it worked really well. The instructions pack was easy to follow. We have recommended it to others, especially with the different themes to suit all groups and ages.”

Lyn, Coatbridge November 2023

“Fantastic contents, the children especially loved the animals and Mirabel. The price was good as always and I would absolutely recommend to others.”

Caroline, Cardiff November 2023

“The party was great. We loved the decor and how organised you are in preparing the games in their labelled bags with full instructions. The other mum's who stayed during the party were impressed with the package.”

Jacki, Derby November 2023

“OMG! It was amazing! Everyone really enjoyed it. I think the package had really good content. The binder was really helpful and well organised. I've already had parents ask me so am recommending. I think it's great value and fun to execute. Love this idea and thank you!”

Agnes, Bristol November 2023

“My 8 year old son wanted a Pokemon themed party for his Birthday and I was so lucky to find Liz from Packaway Parties to supply me with everything I needed. The party was a great success!!! Many Thanks to Liz for a great communication and service!”

Inga, Westwell November 2023

“The party was a resounding success! Thank you so much for a brilliantly put together package. We did a mail order Lego party for our eldest last year and yours was a million times more fun! We were really impressed at the contents, how organised it was and how easy it was to follow.”

Jen, Corfe Mullen November 2023

“The party went really well. I just wanted to say now that you've been fantastic and I'd thoroughly recommend you and use your services again.”

Michelle, Leeds November 2023

“We hired the Harry Potter party package from Packaway Parties for our daughter's birthday. The party was amazing - unlike anything else that we'd been to before. Our daughter and all of her friends loved it, especially how interactive it was. Even the kids who started off a bit reluctant were soon won over and couldn't wait to fill their wizard skills cards with stars and graduate from wizard training! Thanks, Liz - we'll surely be back in future!”

Jayne, Chester November 2023

“The party went really well, thanks! I was quite anxious about running a party without an entertainer, but the package was great! The instructions were really clear, the party really well thought out, and I didn't have to worry about anything in terms of the games or decorations as everything was included.”

Elinor, Wallington November 2023

“Our son had a truly magical Harry Potter party thanks to Packaway Parties. The box was packed with so many beautiful decorations, fun and well thought out party games which were true to the theme and a detailed party plan to help us set everything up and lead the party with confidence. I cannot recommend them enough."

Gemma, Tadley November 2023

“We thought that the contents of the package were brilliant, extensive selection of decorations etc. We didn't use them all. The games were brilliant - really well thought through and engaging. I also thought your instruction booklet was AMAZING! So clear and easy to follow, and you'd thought of everything. Thanks so much - we had loads of fun! It's a brilliant business idea.”

Steph, Glasgow November 2023

“The party was great thank you! Nathan had a brilliant time and so did his friends. The package was excellent, so much stuff, very well organised and clear instructions to follow. The decorations looked amazing! I would definitely recommend the Lego party package.”

Caroline, Stockport November 2023

“We had a great time at the party. The box was so well organised and we would definitely use you again. Thanks for the hire. We really did enjoy it and would recommend to anyone and in fact we have!”

Jennie, Reading November 2023

“Can't praise the package enough. The price was more than reasonable and I'm pretty sure several parents were impressed too.”

Joe, Preston November 2023

“My son loved the party. He thought it was cool and best birthday ever. He is Pokémon mad so it was right up his street!”

Jasmine, Thetford November 2023

“The party was a great success thanks to your kit! I loved the attention to detail and the quality of the products. I also got lots of feedback from parents saying it looked amazing.”

Kat, Berkhamsted November 2023

“The party was great thanks! I have been highly recommending you. We loved all the decorations and the costumes were brilliant. We followed your party plan and did all the games. Thanks Liz, my daughter loved her party!”

Claire, Bromley November 2023

“Our party was a huge success, we couldn’t have done it without Packaway parties. They supplied EVERYTHING we needed and more! So many amazing props, perfect game ideas and amazing costumes. I would thoroughly recommend them!”

Flora, London November 2023

“Thank you for a really memorable Harry Potter party. The children went home buzzing with excitement and proud of their new found wizarding skills. The costumes and decorations were brilliant, and the games were easy to run with the instructions. It was a party we’ll never forget, although it’s taken us a week to recover from all the fun!”

Isabel, Bristol November 2023

“The party was a great success and it was so easy to follow the instructions. I loved that each game was in a labelled bag with the prizes there too. It is so well organised.”

Catriona, Horsham November 2023

“The party went really well. Really pleased with the sheer amount of decorations. I think you’ve got a fantastic product and have already recommended you.”

Danielle, Leicester November 2023

“We had such a brilliant party, thank you. All the games were brilliant. We especially liked Dobbie Socks, Magical Creatures Hunt and the Monsters Book. We passed on a lot of your business cards too, as it was such a hit with the guests.”

Kiaran, Bedford November 2023


What will I receive in my party hire package ?

The contents differ for each theme but all party hire packages contain a party plan, music, decorations, children’s costumes (and sometimes adult costumes), party games, props, prizes and a certificate for each child. Please see the page for your preferred theme for more details or call 07739 722 482 to discuss further.

What is the Deluxe Package?

In addition to the party hire package the Deluxe Package can be added on to give you a complete party service. This includes filled party bags, personalised invitations with envelopes and tableware – all in your chosen party theme.

I am not an entertainer - how will I cope?

After many years experience it has become clear to me that you don’t need to be a children’s entertainer to keep children happy at a party. There are a few key ingredients which make a party go well and all you need to do is have these to hand (in your package) and to be able to occasionally restore order and get their attention. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t look back!

What if I'm too busy to rehearse and follow a party plan ?

The party plan is just there as a guideline. It will tell you a recommended order for the games based on following fast-paced games with slower ones and playing games requiring some concentration near the start (ie. before the cake!). It will also give you an idea of how long each activity will last but really the idea of the packages are to give you flexibility to tailor the party to your group. If they’re loving the bubbles, then let them run wild while you put your feet up…..

Can you tailor the packages?

We accept it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’ so will take into consideration the number and ages of the children plus the gender mix when putting together your party plan. The packages are ideally suited for running a party for 12 children in your own home but everything can be scaled up for larger parties and venues.

What if I break something?

We accept that things will sometimes get damaged. We want the children to have fun and use the items provided, so some wear and tear is to be expected. However, you need to be responsible for the appropriate use of all items and monitor the children at all times to avoid unnecessary breakages. If something is lost or broken please let us know when returning the package – this will save time when carrying out the inventory check. Money may be deducted from the safety deposit at the discretion of Packaway Parties.

How does the package get to me?

The package will be delivered to you by courier at least one day before the party date and should be returned the next working day after your party. This service is included in the cost of your package.

When do I need to pay?

A £25 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date and full payment is required a week before the hire date PLUS a £75 safety deposit which will be refunded after the hire package has been returned.

The theme my child wants isn't listed here?

We are constantly developing new kid’s birthday party ideas and packages so please contact us with any requests. You never know, we could have it ready by the time your child’s birthday comes round.

Booking Enquiries

To book or make an enquiry please complete this simple form. Let us know your birthday child’s age, your chosen theme, approximate number of guests and your preferred date. We’ll then be in touch as soon as possible!

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