Lego Ninjago Party

Take your Lego fans on a Ninjago adventure full of excitement, skill and Spinjitzu!


Lego have created many sets and stories but none have captured the imagination like Ninjago. From the Mystic East come Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay on a quest to protect Ninjago from the evil beings of the Underworld.


Your party-goers will train under Sensei Wu to become Ninja Warriors and help recover the Golden Weapons.


Will they complete their challenges and receive a Ninja certificate? And add our Lego Ninjago party bags, tableware and personalised Ninjago invitations for a complete party service.

What You Get


Your Ninjago decorations will include many handmade, exclusive items such as Ninjago bunting and balloon eye stickers plus chinese lanterns, wall posters and more.


Your little Ninjas will look the part with their Ninjago headbands.


Plus your Sensei Wu will have not only a Ninja costume, but a cool Coolie hat and a Wu-like beard.


Your party pack will be full of Ninjago party ideas with lots of props including the Golden Weapons. Plus the trainee Ninjas will get to complete and keep a Ninjago Skills Cards.


The Ninjago games will take the form of testing their Ninja skills in a number of different activities including an obstacle course, chopstick race and mind control game!

Party Plan

Inside your Ninjago party pack will be a full party plan detailing how to run your party and how long each game should take. Plus advice on setting everything up and a running order for the games.


At the end of the party your guests will be awarded with a personalised Ninja certificate.

A magical party to remember!

Add On a Deluxe Package

for Just £45


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