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Doing Our Bit For The Planet

Can kid's parties and being environmentally friendly go hand in hand? We think so.

With climate change being at the forefront of everyone's minds it's important to find small ways to make a difference and to change our mindset from disposable to reusable.

For many, being kind to the planet still needs to be practical and fit in with our busy lives so why not save waste and money by hiring a party package containing high quality, reusable items.

Not only does a party pack save you having to source all the party supplies yourself, it means they won't go into landfill when the celebrating ends.


The complete party package is delivered to your door in our sturdy reusable Packaway Parties boxes. The box is then collected the next working day after your party so you can feel good while still having fun.

As trends move away from buying single use item it makes sense to share the party love - why buy when you can hire?

We all want the parties to continue so let's contribute to a sustainable future.

Harry Potter Party Games

What You Get

Click to see what will be included in your party pack - all delivered to your door!

For each theme we source high quality, fun items to make your party look great and keep the kids entertained - and we're adding to the boxes all the time!


Party Bags

Party bags ring alarm bells for many parents - conjuring images of tiny bits of disposable plastic.

Our party bags curently offer items we think children will use or want to keep but we're working on making them even more eco-friendly. Please ask for further details.

Going Forward

We're passionate about creating eco friendly party supplies while delivering unforgettable parties.

We're currently looking into how to ensure the contents of our party boxes and tableware are as kind to the planet as possible. Watch this space!