Why not add these items to your package to save time and money?


- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

Phone: 07739 722 482

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"It was absolutely excellent. Mali was living her dream. I was able to relax and enjoy the party too which is the first time I have been able to do that. All of the mothers that stayed said that they thought it was a great party.


I will definitely be back!"


Nicole, Thames Ditton (Peppa Pig Party)



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"The party was just magical, thanks so much. So many parents have sent me messages saying that their children have been talking about the party all weekend, so it was a great success.


Archie has already said he wants another one next year!"


Penny, Fetcham (Harry Potter Party)


"Thank you! I think the party ideas are great and very well thought out, the time was about right so the kids didn’t get bored.


It takes the pressure off parents trying to buy/organise a party and think of new games to keep the kids entertained. I think the fact that you could do it in a hall or at home is a real benefit.


The kids loved walking the plank, the obstacle course, throwing bean bags at the inflatable pirate and popping the bubbles. "


Salima, Long Ditton (Pirate Party)


"Abi's party yesterday went very well indeed. We were very pleased and the sun shone too.


The banners and signs were great, the game props excellent and the music was a lot of fun . We adapted the games for the younger ones and they all particularly enjoyed dressing up and chasing Peppa round the garden!"


Caroline, Staines (Peppa Pig Party)

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"The games were good, and for their age range the finding and bringing back of clues, letters or insects was really popular.


I have been recommending Packaway Parties and will keep doing so!!"


Lucy, Surbiton (Jungle Party)

"This is the perfect party solution.


Our daughter is 3 and obsessed with all things pink and Peppa Pig! Liz provided the most amazing array of thoughtful activities and themed costumes. The attention to detail was fantastic and she thought of things I would never have done!


Our daughter and her friends had a fantastic time and the parents did too! Peppa made an appearance at the party too, which was genius! I will definitely be hiring the party packages again. The concept is simple, the whole process from start to finish was a pleasure. I can't recommend it enough."


Ruth, Long Ditton (Peppa Pig Party)


“Thank you so much!! It was a great party. Everyone really enjoyed it.


The costumes were great and the feedback from the parents was fab.


I will contact you again in the near future.”


Mary, Esher (Superhero Party)


“The party was great.


The Twits was a fun game and made them all laugh, they loved telling their BFG dreams and they were screaming in excitement at the Willy Wonka game!


They did good team work in the Fantastic Mr Fox game and it was a nice, calm one for after tea, but the best game of course was George’s Marvellous Medicine  - they were all screaming and chanting as the potions went in!


There wasn’t much setting up and it was perfect for 7 year olds. Very good!”


Penny, Fetcham (Roald Dahl Party)



"I just wanted to express my delight in how well my son’s party went.  


The party plan you supplied was well thought out and imaginative, easy to follow and kept the kids entertained the whole time, the equipment simple to assemble and use too.  


In my opinion the whole experience was good value for money and an easy way to throw a kids party.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends."


Andy, Surbiton (Pirate Party)




"I would highly recommend your package to all my friends.


The party was great! The kids loved the games andall the mums though I was a super organised, super talented mum!


Surbhi, Walton-Upon-Thames (Peppa Pig Party)



"Packaway Parties is a brilliant alternative to using an entertainer at your child's party.


My daughter loved the fact that I was actively involved in the running of the party, I loved the fact that I didn't have the stress of preparing all the games, props, decorations etc.  


The instructions are fantastic, clear and easy to follow. The children loved all the games which are very imaginative and well thought out. The magic cauldron was a particular hit, with all children mesmorised.


One of the best things is that at the end of the party, you just pack everything back up in the box and hand it back, rather than having to hold onto things you might not need to use again.


I would strongly recommend  using Packaway Parties, if you want to provide your child with a unique, personalised, imaginative and most importantly fun birthday party to remember."


Nicole, East Molesey (Princess & Pirate Party)




"Just to let you know that the party was a great success.


I have had some fabulous feedback and everyone was really impressed with such a detailed and complete package.


You really did think of everything and your time and effort in creating such was highly appreciated."


Kirsty, Manchester (Harry Potter Party)





"Thank you for the wonderful Peppa Pig themed party. The children had a fantastic time and I had so many great comments from the children's parents.


I would highly recommend Packaway Parties, may well see you again in the future for a different themed party as I know it would guarantee a great time for everyone.


Thank you for making our little girl's 3rd Birthday, such a memorable one!'


Caroline, Long Ditton (Peppa Pig Party)


"The package was so detailed and full of brilliant props and imaginative games that in the lead up, all I had to do was plan the food and the cake. It was lovely not having the stress of making props and thinking

up games!  


We were all set to go in a couple of hours thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions and if we'd done it ourselves, we wouldn't have had such impressive props as smoking cauldrons and magic candles. And the

dress up element was brilliant - everyone loves dressing up but who has a dozen wizard cloaks?


One of the best things was being able to just pack everything back up in the box and hand it back, rather than having to hold onto things we might not need again. The party was a great success and we've had lots of great feedback - the time and effort you put in to plan it all was very much appreciated. Thank you so much!"


Kylie, London (Harry Potter Party)

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Thank you so much for an utterly amazing Roald Dahl party.


Every detail from the candy store, to the giant peach costume, dream jars, BFG ears, and Mr Twit beard was brilliant. I have always done my own parties, but your instructions were really clear, so I felt confident, and my 7 year old said it was her best party ever. Think it will be Packaway Parties from now on.


Rebecca, Hinchley Wood (Roald Dahl Party)

Thank you for preparing such a fun- packed party package.


The kids had a fab time, they loved all the activities and really got stuck in. Thanks again, we had a great party!


Rachel, Esher (Lego Party)

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We were very very impressed with the obvious thought and attention to detail you had put into the party box and the quality of items supplied. It literally was a party in a box and would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends etc. In fact nearly all the Mums who picked up and dropped off were really taken and impressed.


Having seen the party box and the support supplied, we thought it represented terrific value for money and the fact that you even arrange for the box to be collected is a nice touch and really appreciated.


We had 12 girls all aged between 4 and 5 and the feedback from their parents over the following few days was great - they all thought the games and activities were fun and they main thing is that they and Sophie all enjoyed themselves.


Nigel, Isleworth (Princess Party)

Thanks so much for the party package. They loved the puppets and silly voices I put on, plus the parachute rats and the bubbles. They also loved finding the shoes.


The pack was fantastic again, everything I needed in it and plenty I didn't even get time to use.


Caroline, Staines (Princess & Pirate Party)


Great service from start to end. Personalised upscale party plan included for me with suggestions on how to handle 30 children! I would highly recomend this concept - do it yourself but with some professional help.


Lisa, Moreton-in-Marsh (Lego Party)

The party went amazingly well. I was so impressed with everything in the box, and amazed at how much you had managed to pack in there! The instructions were well written and very clear and all the timings were spot on with your guide.


The sweet shop looked great when it was set up. They went to it one at a time when they got a coin from the book so there was no overcrowding. I especially liked the Honeydukes bags.


I would definitely recommend you to anybody and have no hesitation using you again.


Helena, Stafford (Harry Potter Party)


The party was a huge success, still being talked about this morning and I expect for a long time to come.


Your party box was everything we were hoping for and more. Incredibly well stocked and organised, it saved us an awful lot of time, expense and hassle and made for a truly original and memorable party. Thank you!


Linda, Bingley (Roald Dahl Party)


I've used Packaway Parties twice in the past 3 months. It's truly a fantastic service if you are thinking of running your own kids' party. Everything you need with super detailed expanations of all the games and great decorations.


My 7 year old loved dressing her dad up as Mr Twit, and making an exploding George's Marvellous Medicine. And my 6 year old thought his Master Builder Lego party was the best party he's ever had.


Bex, Long Ditton (Roald Dahl & Lego Parties)


We were really impressed with everything from decorations to props - you had in fact thought of everything!


The party bag contents were great as they were linked to the theme of the party and the certificates were a nice touch.


The kids were all engaged from beginning to end. Thank you for making a little 4 year old girl very happy. I would recommend to all.


Caroline, Chandlers Ford (Jungle Party)


It was honestly fantastic - you had literally thought of everything! i really loved the chalkboard too - lovely little touches.


The bubble machine, instruments and parachute for Old McDonald were superb! It really was ideal for a little toddler's party.


Zara, Lincoln (Baby & Toddler Party)


As expected everyone picked up on the attention to detail with the costumes, banners and Honeydukes sweet jars. The party was a big success thank you.


Nima, Hyde (Harry Potter Party)


Harvey had a fab time thank you. He said it was ten out of ten!


Kirsty, Altrincham (Lego Party)


We had a really fun party. They all enjoyed themselves and the disguise game and the pants game went down really well with the children, even the girls! The Musical Planets game is also a really good one.


The decorations set a really good scene and overall we were really impressed.


Melissa, Bisley (Superhero Party)


The party package was very well thought out and included everythig you could possibly need. The children had great fun dressing up and enjoyed all the games, particularly 'Find Mr Dinosaur'.


Meeting Peppa in person was an experience all the children are still talking about. Thank you once again, we had a great party.


Debbie, Fetcham (Peppa Pig Party)


My daughter had a Princess party for he 5th birthday and we used Packaway Parties to help her celebrations go with a swing!


Everything was brilliantly organised and the girls had so much fun playing all the games, using the fantastic props (the smoking cauldron was a favourite) and watching the puppets.


Jo, Leatherhead (Princess Party)


We were really impressed with the party. I loved the idea of someone else preparing all the little bits and organising the games and me just running it (that's the teacher in me!). The pack was brilliant - such attention to detail!


Nikki, Fleet (Roald Dahl Party)


The party was really great fun. My husband took charge and ran all the games having read through all the information. (and got really into the role!!) It was so refreshing for me not to have to do it all.....Thank you so much for the kit.


Lindy, Horsmonden (Lego Ninjago Party)