Why not add these items to your package to save time and money?


- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

Phone: 07739 722 482

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Please note the Packaway Party packages are constantly being expanded, revised and adapted so your pack may not include the exact items shown or listed.

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Calling all superheroes!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a roomful of over-excited mini superheroes!


Will your little party people be able to graduate from the Superhero Training Academy with the help of Super Ted and Spiderman?


Hold onto your capes as our Superhero games test their speed, endurance and agility while developing their superpowers, fighting the villians and saving the world from evil Count Croc!


Your Superhero party pack will contain all you need for an out of this world party experience. Plus, add Superhero Party Bags, Invitations and Tableware for a complete package.

- Wooden Party Sign

- POW! Wall Signs        

- POW! Bunting        

- Colourful Balloons        

- Party Music CD

- Superman Wall Sticker

- Handmade Superhero Bunting

- Hanging Pop Art Signs

- Training Academy Banner  


Your Superhero decorations will include:

Our Superhero costumes for kids consist of a beautiful handmade Superhero cape and Super Power cuff for each child to wear during the party.


We also provide Superhero party masks for them to decorate and keep.


The grown ups get to join in too with a Wonder Woman costume and a Batman cape and hood.

Our party pack contains lots of exciting Superhero activities and props you won't find anywhere else!


These will include a magic LED Kryptonite light, parachute, bop bag villians, disguises, lots of bats and spiders and much more!


What Superhero party would be complete without lots of Superhero pants!

All the Superhero party games will be explained in your full, detailed party plan. This contains a step-by-step guide plus runnning times to help you plan the party.


*Crafts* Masks will be provided for each child to colour, wear and take home.


The Superhero games will include:

- Musical Planets

- Power Cuffs

- Velcro Spiderman

- Bouncing Bats

- Hero Rescue

- Bean Bag Attack

- Superhero Pants Race

- Kryptonite Mind Control

- Pass The Disguise

- X-Ray Vision Challenge  

At the end of the party your little Superheroes will graduate from Training Academy with a personalised certificate.


Now go forth and be super!

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