Why not add these items to your package to save time and money?


- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

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Please note the Packaway Party packages are constantly being expanded, revised and adapted so your pack may not include the exact items shown or listed.











At the end of the party your guests will be awarded with a personalised Jedi certificate.


An out of this world party!

From a galaxy far far away came an amazing story of the battle between good and evil, capturing the imaginations of young and old for nearly forty years. Now, for the first time, your young Star Wars fans can be immersed in their own epic adventure with our Star Wars party package!


The games will take them on a journey of fun, battles and teamwork – where they will train to be a Jedi Warrior. Will the force be strong enough for them to defeat the Dark Forces and receive their Jedi Warrior certificate?


With our complete Star Wars birthday party kit you will have everything you need to create your own unforgettable memories.


And add our Star Wars party bags, tableware and personalised Star Wars invitations for a complete party service.

Your Star Wars Party decorations will include:

- Wooden Party Sign

- Star Wars Scene Setter

- Star Wars Bunting

- Star Wars Birthday Banner

- Star Wars Door Banner


- Jedi Training Academy


- Star Wars Balloons

- Star Wars LED Lights

- Star Wars Music CD


Your Jedi Trainees will each have a cool cape and felt mask to wear so they can dress as either Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper.


They will also have an inflatable light saber with the option for you to purchase and keep at the end of the party.


The adults aren't left out either with a roaring Chewbacca mask plus a Darth Vader costume to add the wow factor to the party's finale!


It will be full of Star Wars party ideas with games and props specially put together for you to create your own Star Wars Jedi Training Academy - with help from a talking Yoda!


Your package will include the Star Wars mats and skittles, obstacles, Kylo Ren bop bags, nerf guns  and much more!


Plus Star Wars Jedi training cards to complete and keep.

Your party pack will enable you to hold your own Star Wars birthday party at home or in a hall.


Inside your party pack will be a full party plan detailing how to run your party and how long each game should take. Plus advice on setting everything up and a running order for the games.


The trainee Jedis will use their Training Cards throughout the party to test their abilities in a series of Jedi skills.


The activities include:




- Jedi Name Discovery

- Yoda Says

- Musical Forces

- Jedi's Light

- Wookie's Cookies

- Shooting Practice

- Obstacle Course

- Lightsaber Training

- Lightsaber Battle


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The ultimate Star Wars Jedi Academy birthday party!

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