Why not add these items to your package to save time and money?


- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

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Please note the Packaway Party packages are constantly being expanded, revised and adapted so your pack may not include the exact items shown or listed.

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Your Princess Party decorations will include:

Bring those Princess dreams alive with a party full of sparkle, tiaras and… well… pink!


In this exciting party adventure the Princesses must help Princess Bluebell rescue the Royal Treasure from the Wicked Witch.


Our Princess party pack takes you on a journey to Fairytale Land - across the Bubbling Sea, past the Dragon's Cave in Wishy Washy Wood and disguise yourself to trick the witch and find the Treasure.


On the way your must learn how to act and dress like a Princess, solve puzzles and make your own magical spell. Have you got what it takes to be awarded a Fairy Princess certificate?


Also see our Princess & Pirate Party if you have a mix of boys and girls together and also view our Princess Party Bags, Personalised Princess Invitations and Princess Tableware.

- Party Sign

- Princess Balloons

- Princess Sash        

- Castle Chalkboard

- Party Music

- Handmade Princess Bunting

- Floral Bunting

- Castle Wall Sticker

- Disney Princess Scene Setter

- Princess Photo Prop

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The children can dress up during the party with the tiara headbands and wands provided. In addition, for the birthday girl, there is a Princess sash.


Plus they can play Princess dressing up games with the accessories including nail art, face sparkles and plastic jewellery along with a Princess mirror to admire themselves.


Also included is an adult wig with tiara so you can find your inner Princess!

Your pack will be brimming with great Princess party ideas and props, all of which are explained in the detailed party plan.


The props will include puppets, bubble machine, a bag of disguises, dragon eggs, a magical cauldron and much much more.


PLUS the children will also get a chance to cast their own magical Princess spell.

Full instructions are provided explaining how to play the Princess games. Plus a running time to help you plan the party.


*CRAFTS* As the children arrive they can decorate card crowns with the colours and stick-ons provided.


You will be given a Princess and Witch puppet to help you lead the games and a little ditty to read out to explain each part of the story (if you choose!).


The games will include:

- Princess Dress Up

- Princess Bluebell Says

- Musical Islands

- Magic Spell

- Witch Bombs

- Cauldron Potion

- Pass The Disguise

- Dragon Egg Rescue

- Bubble Popping

- Match The Princess Shoes

- Find The Treasure  


When the fun is over the children will be presented with their certificates to say they have completed their training and are now Princesses.


Take a royal bow!