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- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

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Please note the Packaway Party packages are constantly being expanded, revised and adapted so your pack may not include the exact items shown or listed.

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Children of all ages will enjoy this exciting jungle adventure!


Travel to the Amazon and meet Sammy the leopard who has lost his mum. Can the children help to reunite them?


They must travel across Croc Creek, help the monkeys in a Banana Rescue, search in the jungle for animals and bugs and brave the Lion's Den to collect clues leading to Sammy’s mum.


If they succeed they will become official Jungle Adventurers!


With a Packaway Parties plan, props, prizes, decorations and music you can create an unforgettable party for your child.

Your Jungle Party decorations will include:

- Wooden Party Sign

- Jungle Balloons

- Large Wall Map

- Jungle Netting

- Jungle Party CD

- Camouflage Bunting

- Green & Orange Bunting

- Photo Prop

- Inflatable Animals

- Green Streamers

Your Jungle party pack will include an wild animal dress-up headband and tail for each child to wear during the party.


Plus 2 adult sized safari hats with accessories and a lion costume if you're feeling brave!

You will receive lots of jungle props with your animal party games, all of which will be explained in your party plan.


The props will include a small animatronic leopard, animal bop bags, parachute, nets, animal soft toys, and much more.


And who will be brave enough to ride the zebras across the jungle?

Your party plan will be bursting with Jungle party ideas and games, all explained step by step. Plus jungle rhymes to introduce each game and a runnning time to help you plan the party.


*Animal Crafts* The party will start with a craft activity - decorating animal masks to take home.


The children will play games to find clues which will include:

- Meet The Animals

- Sleeping Lion

- Bop The Baddies

- Find The Tiger

- Pin The Nose

- Croc Stepping Stones

- Banana Rescue

- Animal Hunt

- Catch A Tail

- Balloon Bouncing

Hooray! Sammy has been reunited with his mum and the Jungle Explorers all receive a certificate for completing their challenges.


Well done kings and queens of the jungle!