Why not add these items to your package to save time and money?


- Invitations

- Tableware

- Filled Party Bags


These will be co-ordinated with your theme and carefully sourced to make your party extra special.

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At the end of the party, Dumbledore will present the children with their Hogwarts certificates for graduating from Wizard school.




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Please note the Packaway Party packages are constantly being expanded, revised and adapted so your pack may not include the exact items shown or listed.

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In honour of the ultimate boy wizard we bring you the ultimate Harry Potter party, promising an unforgettable experience for young fans.


Your guests will be transported, via Platform 9 3/4, to Diagon Alley to collect their robes and wands and then to Hogwarts where they will train to become real wizards.


Hogwarts classes they will take part in include Spells, Defence Against The Dark Arts, Care Of Magical Creatures and a close encounter with the Monster Book Of Monsters! All followed by a trip to Honeydukes Sweet Shop.


Also available are filled Harry Potter party bags, Hogwarts Express invitations and themed tableware. Don't miss out on this magical party!

Your Harry Potter decorations will include:

- Party Sign                

- LED Candles

- Lanterns            

- Classroom Signs

- Shop Signs      

- Harry Potter CD

- Handmade Bunting

- Gothic Wall Scene Setter

- Platform 9 3/4 Sign

- Gryffindor Banner

- Cauldron


Your Harry Potter party pack contains a Harry Potter costume for each child to wear.


These consist of a robe plus Harry Potter wands with lights and sounds.


For the adults - a Dumbeldore costume is included (plus a Hagrid beard!)

Your party box will be bursting with Harry Potter party game ideas and will contain a step by step guide on how to run your party.


The Harry Potter props will include a Sorting Hat, Cauldron with Mist Maker, Magic Candles, 'Dementor', Sweet Shop, Butterbeer, Truth Serum and much more.


Plus a Hedwig owl making some quite strange noises!

Your party plan will provide full instructions on how to run your Harry Potter themed party so that everyone has a wizard time!


The Harry Potter party activities for the trainee wizards include:

- Spell Lesson

- Magic Candles

- Teaching Hedwig

- Divination

- Truth Game

- Dementors

- Cauldron Treasure Hunt

- Train The Monster Book Of Monsters

- Harry Potter Sweet Shop

This is an amazingly detailed party and is sure to be hugely memorable for all the children involved.  

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